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Do you have difficult or hard to reach industrial inspection needs, that require frequent inspections? Ask us about the Inspectifly industrial drone inspection program!

Use the Inspectifly drone stockpile measurement program, and get the data you need to manage your bulk inventory! Contact us to learn more.

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Inspectifly™ Provides Services Throughout The Continental United States, Alaska & Hawaii

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Safety Record

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Our Safety Record

Last Updated December 30, 2016

  • 500 Flights Flown
  • 89.1 Hours Flown
  • 858 distance flown in miles
  • 0.0 accidents & incidents

Choosing The Right sUAS/ Drone Operator

Things to consider when selecting an aerial imaging service provider

  • Is the operator licensed by the FAA? Operating a sUAS for commercial purpose requires a license from the FAA! You should always ask for a copy of their Remote Pilot Certificate with an sUAS rating.

  • Is the operator insured? There are currently no laws requiring a sUAS operator to have insurance. No reputable sUAS operator would operate without insurance! You should always ask for a copy of proof of insurance.

  • Does the operator have the experience necessary to operate their sUAS safely? Anyone can buy a sUAS and offer services with no experience whatsoever! The FAA requires anyone holding a Remote Pilot Certificate with an sUAS rating to keep accurate flight logs. You should always ask to review their flight logs. We list our safety statistics and flight record on our website. If requested, we are happy to show you our actual flight logs for verification.

  • Does the operator have enough experience to capture the best aerial perspective to help you reach your goal for your required project? Always ask to see examples of their work. We show examples of our work on our site. Be very careful of operators that don't have examples of their work on their website.

  • Equipment is a huge factor when it comes to aerial imaging and aerial video. There are a lot of sUAS on the market, ranging from $50.00 up to 100's of thousands of dollars. As with most professional photography equipment, all sUAS camera platforms are not created equal. DJI is the world leader in aerial imaging sUAS platforms. The DJI sUAS platforms offer the best aerial image stabilization, highest resolution and best quality images and video. We operate DJI Phantom 3 Professional, DJI Phantom 4, DJI Inspire 1 Pro and DJI Matrice 100. More information about our sUAS fleet is available below.


Our sUAS/Drone Fleet & Camera Payload


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